I always use the media of oil and acrylic paints to escape into the world of art and creativity. Born in the Pacific Northwest, where the fresh air invigorates me and the color leaves me breathless, I present a new way to look at the world through color, line and, poetry. Self-taught and always launching into new statements of old subjects, I bring you along on my journey into the heavens.


I paint with my emotions and heart while I follow the Creator within. My bold, yet gentle work flows peacefully, yet strong.


I paint slowly so the colors tell me the way to go. Many of my paintings paint themselves while I sit quietly alongside and listen. Color, lines and words speak to me.

When I paint, I paint
as a dancer.
A dancer of ideas.


When I paint, I am the dancer,
I dance in color.
I hear music throughout
my paintings.


I feel like a blind
person making my way through
a room—looking for
the color of the symphony
I hear in my drawing.

I paint in simple line form that captures the viewers’ heart and soul.


I love nature and spend many hours in the woods to listen, absorb, and later to paint and write.


Silence speaks to me and I paint the silence and peace around me. The Creator of life teaches and befriends me.


The world rushes past my studio window and I remain inside, warm and absorbed in line, color and the power of words!


Color becomes music and I enjoy its daily symphony in my work.